Retired Professional Engineers' Club


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The club has been going through some difficult times and at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 11th January 2017, it was decided that the Club would cease to hold meetings.

Main EGM Meeting points

It was decided that the club should be put into hibernation. This means that there will not be regular planned meetings and it will no longer be necessary to collect annual subscriptions.

It was also decided that the existing committee would continue in office to carry out the following tasks:

  • Maintain the club's two web sites (Retired Professional Engineers Club and Engineers Walk) for a nominal period of 10 years.
  • Use remaining funds to promote engineering to children.
  • They may also arrange casual events from time to time.

    Former members may be interested in joining the South Western Electricity Historical Society (SWEHS). SWEHS have a wider range of interests than their name implies. Full details on joining may be found on their website.

    The Committee are very sad that the club has come to this low point, but we hope that we shall see many of the members again from time to time. Who knows? Somebody younger and fitter may come along to revive the club in the future.

    Mike Rowe - Chairman
    Ray Westcott - Web Master
    Julian Todman - committee member
    John Clark - committee member
    John Coneybeare - Treasurer and President

    * * * * * * * *