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The club is currently going through some difficult times. At the February 2016 committee neeting, the Committee felt that the time had come to consider closing the Club. Everyone on the committee had suffered illness this year and felt that they could not carry on without help. The Chairman confirms that, unless help with running the Club is forthcoming, meetings etc. will cease as of November 2016.

To date (2nd November 2016), no offers to help out with running the club have been received and regrettably the decision has been made to hold an extra-ordinary meeting on 11th January 2017 to terminate the club. The agenda and minutes of this meeting will be published in due course.

Who we are

The Retired Professional Engineers' Club (Bristol) is intended to further the aims and interests of engineers by arranging regular events for retired professional engineers. Such events will have a social aspect so as to encourage members and their partners to all events. Guests will be made most welcome.

A description of the site and how to navigate when on the website are given on the Home Page. It also contains information on changes made to the site and draws attention to new additions.

Articles that have been published in the RPEC newsletters over nigh on 20 years are listed in an index reached by clicking on the Articles button. These include items such as Rocket History, Severn Barrage, Nuclear Power and more.

A more comprehensive index that also includes reviews of talks given to RPEC by eminent speakers and visits made during its existence is obtained using the button labelled Reviews. Subjects here include items such as Einstein, Clifton Rocks Railway, Tidal Stream Turbines and Intelligent Robots. The section on members lives contains a Marine Engineer and Rocket Research Engineering.

Club Data takes you to the first item that gives you further details of RPEC. Amongst the other Club items is one entitled "Sources of Help and Assistance" which is there to assist in times of sudden death, severe illness or crippling disability,when family and friends can feel overwhelmed. It contains links to organisations that may be able to assist.

However it is also useful to anyone requiring to find a link to say another Professional Engineering Institute current links are provided to all of these.

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