New Nuclear Strategic need and EDF intent

A Talk by David Norfolk

David Norfolk - Head of Environment, Nuclear New Build

After graduating in Natural Sciences at Cambridge, David took a PhD in radiation chemistry at the CEGBs nuclear laboratories, then developed optimised coolant compositions to maximise the life of the AGR nuclear power stations. When the rest of the electricity industry was privatised he forged a place for Nuclear Electrics nuclear stations in the new commercial environment, joining the management team at Hartlepool power station and gaining an MBA on the way. He then worked on controlling nuclear liability costs, overcoming the final obstacle to nuclear privatisation and putting theory into practice by managing Magnox\s relationships with government, regulators and other stakeholders.

David then transferred to British Energy, with posts at Dungeness B building strategic partnerships, in Toronto acquiring the Bruce power station, and on the management team at Sizewell B. He returned to head office to manage the relationship with environmental regulators, led a project on the case for life extending Dungeness B, then joined the team making the case for nuclear new build. Following the acquisition of British Energy by EDF, David now heads the Environment team preparing to gain the regulatory permits for new nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point and Sizewell.

A new chapter for UK nuclear - A Summary of the Presentation

British Energy became part of EDF Group in January 2009. This brought together two organisations committed to nuclear new build in the UK. Their nuclear expertise provides a powerful combination Comaprison of Life-cycle CO2 in the first slide picture on the right shows the relative carbon emission properties coal, gas and nuclear Powers Station demonstrating how "Green". (The present government appears to be taking full advantage of this.)
The next picture shows the 12% present nuclear content in the mix of electricity from different fuels.This is down from over 25% in the 1990's.
The location of current nuclear power stations and the direction of flow of power from them on the grid are the subjects of the next two pictures.

A clear policy case for nuclear exists
  • It helps combat climate change
  • Reduces reliance on imported gas
  • Benefits customers and UK competitivenes
  • (we need the knowhow we have lost)
  Life Cycle CO2 Emissions
CO2 Emissions
Current Electricity Mix
Electricity Mix
Government Leadership
  • Legislation on planning reform, energy and climate change
    National Policy Statements (NPSs) for major infrastructure including nuclear
  • Governments Strategic Siting Assessment
    Decisions on preferred sites for Nuclear NPS
  • Governments assessment of Justification of new nuclear build
  • Regulators assessment of candidate designs
  • Managing Radioactive Waste Safely
    Progress on radioactive waste arrangements

Draft National Policy Statement (NPS) for Nuclear Power Generation
Government statement of need for new nuclear power stations, published on 9 November 2009:
  • Provides a framework for planning decisions
  • Lists 10 sites considered strategically suitable for new nuclear power stations by 2025 including Hinkley Point and Sizewell
  • Government believes all ten sites are needed
  • Expects that a significant proportion of the 25 GW of new conventional generating capacity needed by 2025 will come from nuclear power
  • Government is satisfied that effective arrangements will exist to manage and dispose of waste arisings
Next step: Nuclear NPS published for parliamentary scrutiny and designation?

UK Nuclear PS Sites
UK Nuclear PS Sites
Sizewell B
Sizewell B

EDF is committed to new nuclear in the UK
  • EDF Energy believes UK needs at least 15GW of new nuclear capacity by 2030 at least 30% of UK electricity demand
  • EDF Energy intends to build four nuclear units at two sites in the UK by 2025 subject to a robust investment framework Would power up to 10 million homes and meet about 12% of UK electricity demand
  • EDF Energys target for completion of first new nuclear power station in the UK is end of 2017
  • Preferred sites are Hinkley Point in Somerset and Sizewell in Suffolk but other sites may be needed
  • Other companies have also declared theirinterest in UK nuclear
An artists impression of the planned Hinkley Point C Power Station is the next picture
What EDF intends to build the UK EPR
  • Areva/EDF evolutionary design
  • Pressurised water reactor similar to Sizewel l B (diagram of PWR on the right)
  • 2 x 1630 MW (electrical)
  • Under construction in France
  • c. 700 operating staff
  • 60 year operating life
  • 6-7 year construction programme
The final two pictures on the right show top to bottom The planned Flamanville 3 power station which is the basis of the design for the UK EPR. Then the progress of construction of Flamnville October 2009.

The presentation with all its detail came at a very topical time and was well presented and received.
Future Development at Hinkley
Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR)
Flamanville 3 - Basis for UK EPR
Flamanville - October 2009