"Nuclear Power In The UK - Past ...... and Future"

Talk by Dr John Pritchard
CB, PhD, DSc, DEng, FIEE, FCGI, FREng.
January 10th 2007

The talk, which covered the design and operation of the gas-cooled reactors (Magnox and AGR) advantages, problems, limitations and decommissioning aspects acted, in many cases for the 55 persons attending as a reminder and refresher of nuclear knowledge acquired previously. The wealth of data supplied in the powerpoint slides was impressive. Following a lively question and answer session there were several requests for copies of the this data.

To cater for this below are 20 odd pages of information reproduced from these slides for those browsing the web. For those requiring a hard copy of the data clicking here will provide a pdf verision that can be printed (even pages on backs of odd pages, A4 size, which when folded make an A5 size booklet - Margines set to zero on printer). For members without access to the internet or who have printing difficulties the booklet will be available at the next few meetings from myself at a recovery cost of 50p.
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1. Introduction
2. The Basics
    Nuclear Fission

3. Magnox
4. Concrete PV
5. Magnox in UK
6. AGR Stations
7. Gas Reactor Problems

8. Sizewell B
    Current Nuclear Plant

9. Loss of Nuclear Power
    Nuclear Capacity

10. Annual Demand
    Fossil Fuel

11. Gasfired Generation
12. Wind Generation
13. Wind Progress
    Why not Nuclear?

14. Inquiry Acceptance

15. Next Generation
16. AP1000
17. EPR
18. Nuclear Waste

19. HLW
    What Now?

20. Summary

Marcus Palmén