Our Aim

The aim of the Club is to provide a forum for Retired Professional Engineers who wish to maintain links with the professional side of life whilst at the same time enjoying the freedom which retirement brings. We are not too fussy about whether Members are totally retired, but prospective members do need to show that they have followed a career in engineering in a professional capacity. We hold regular meetings and events, and aim to advise each member by post about two weeks before each meeting, it is so easy to miss events otherwise. Each year we issue a complete list of members to each and every member together with a hobbies list which enables us to contact each other regarding our special interests if we so wish. These lists are confidential to Members.

We operate a first come first served policy if events are over subscribed, but of course, members and their wives always have priority, Members wives or partners are considered full members except in the case of voting on matters of Club policy, we take the view that retirement is a partnership activity.

Club Constitution

May 2008

1.0 Objectives

The Retired Professional Engineers Club (Bristol) is intended to further the aims and interests of Engineers by arranging regular events for Retired Professional Engineers. Such events will have a social aspect so as to encourage members and their partners to all events. Guests may also be invited.

2.0 Membership

The Club shall comprise Professional Engineers who have retired from their full time occupation, who have applied to join, have been accepted and have paid the appropriate subscription.

3.0 Subscription

The general running of the club shall be financed by an Annual Subscription from members. Additional charges may be levied for individual events as appropriate. The subscription shall be due on April 1st each year but new members who join after 1st September will not be required to renew their subscription until the end of the following club year.

4.0 The Committee

4.a The activities of the Club shall be managed by a Committee with a minimum of formality.

4.b The Officers shall be elected by the Committee and shall comprise:-

  • A Chairman
  • A Vice Chairman
  • An Honorary Treasurer
  • An Honorary Secretary
  • An Assistant Secretary
  • An Events Secretary

The Committee shall comprise additionally at least one, with a maximum of four, Ordinary Members who will assist the officers of the Committee with the completion of specific tasks on an ad hoc basis. In addition, the immediate past Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of the committee.

4.c The Committee may decide to invite a Member of the Club who has been judged to have made an outstanding contribution to the Club's operation to accept the honorary title of Club President in recognition of this achievement. Such position will carry no executive responsibilities and will be expected to persist for two or three years from the date of acceptance, although the incumbent may choose to relinquish the title at an earlier time

4.d In the event of a Committee Member becoming unavailable, the Committee may co-opt any other Club member until the next AGM.

4.e Co-option shall entitle a Committee Member to immediate and full voting rights.

4.f Normal term of office for officers and members of the Committee shall be two years. At the discretion of the Committee the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Events Secretary may continue in office for a longer period and they will be expected to use their best endeavours to give a year's notice of their intention to retire. Half the remaining officers and members of the Committee shall retire each year at the time of Annual General Meeting.

4.g Retired officers and members of the Committee shall be eligible for election to the Committee after one year out of office. In exceptional circumstances members not eligible for immediate re-election may be co-opted onto the Committee to allow Committee business to continue where otherwise the smooth operation of The Club would be jeopardised.

4.h A quorum of the Committee shall be four Committee Members including two Officers.

4.j The Committee shall make proposals for the next years subscription.

5.0 General Meetings

5.a The financial and programme year of the Club shall be from 1st April to 31st March the following year.

5.b An Annual General Meeting shall be held in May of each year.

5.c At the AGM the Chairman shall present an Annual Report. The Treasurer shall present audited accounts.

5.d Notification of the date of the AGM. shall be given to members 14 days in advance. Nominations for the Committee can be made at this time up to the time of votes being taken.

5.e Nominations to the Committe can also be made at the AGM providing there is a proposer and seconder and the nominee is willing to serve.

5.f If an election is necessary, it shall be by a show of hands of members actually present and entitled to vote.

5.g An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called by the Committee or by a minimum of 20 members. At least 14 days notice shall be given to all members.

5.h An accounts examiner for the following year shall be appointed annually at the AGM, who may be a member of the Club or from elsewhere. In the event of it becoming necessary to appoint an accounts examiner at short notice, the Committee may appoint a suitable person.

6.0 Disbandonment

In the event of the Club disbanding, assets and liabilities shall be the responsibility of all Club Members. Assets shall be equally divided between all Club Members.