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Extracted Newsletter Reviews and Articles

The Miners lamp
Current TV & VDU Display Technologies
Gadgets of Yesteryear
Engineering Antiques
Clifton Suspension Bridge
The 200 inch Time Machine

The Influence of Computers on Photography
Scientific Detectives
The Production of Wild Life Series
Mobile Communications - Quo Vadis?
Intelligent Robots:
CT A revolution in Medical Imaging

Water Power
Tidal Power
Tidal Stream Turbines
The Severn Barrage Review

Astro- and Aeronautics
Shuttle Design Fundamentals
A Rocket History
Joint Strike Fighter

Renewable Energy
Milford Haven Gas Connection Projects

Nuclear Power In The UK
Worldwide Nuclear Generation
Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima
New Nuclear Strategic need and EDF intent

Energy-Steam and Rail
10th Anniversary Celebration
A Broad Gauge Railway Journey
Restoration of Clifton Rocks Railway
A Century of Small Steam Locomotives
Uses of Steam around Bristol

Beasts in Battle
Roman and Georgian Bath
Engineers Walk

Roman Navy In Britain
Monastic Water Engineering and Management
Life on board S.S. Great Britain
The History of the Beachley to Aust Ferry
Tall Ships and the Åland Isles
The Falkirk Wheel
Stothert and Pitt Crane Makers

Pioneering work at ASWE 1945/55
Exploiting Neglected Features
A Managerial Challenge

The Life of Michael Faraday
Henry Ford

Members Lives
An Engineering Life
A World War II Boyhood
Frank Whitehead Remembered
Sea Yarn
Marine Engineer
A Falklands Experience

Bristol and the Zinc Industry
Nailsea Glassworks
The Royal Meteorological Society

Visit to the Science Museum at Wroughton
Museum of Electricity
The Visit to Renishaw New Mills
The Museum of Bath at Work
Visit to RNLI College