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The Retired Professional Engineers' Club (Bristol) is intended to further the aims and interests of engineers by arranging regular events for retired professional engineers. Such events will have a social aspect so as to encourage members and their partners to all events. Guests will be made most welcome.

This page will contain notes of changes to the website and any information that the club management wish to publish. As the whole site ahas been changed and every file used checked and revised into a new form, this page will now let you know what is available and how you can use it. Access to the various parts is achieved by using items displayed in the adjacent left hand tabular column which remains there even when different pages are viewed. The following is an explanation of each item available in that column.

Home Page Takes you to this page - useful while you ponder your next move!

Programme of Events Takes you to a page that gives details of the next event in the club which is usually updated about a fortnight before the event. A list of events remaining in the club year follows this.

Articles - Index This is a list of articles that are available to be viewed. These articles have been extracted from past newsletters were they were originally published or are new items never previously shown. Very comprehensive reviews of talks that give factual details are also treated as articles.Clicking on an Article listed in this page takes you to it.

NewsletterThe latest Newsletter.

Excerpts.Newsletters - IndexWhen a new Newsletter is published the items in the old newsletter are either accepted as articles, or as extracts that can be retained, or can be deleted. The articles and extracts are listed on this page together with those from all past newsletters and can be viewed from here.

Days Out Here you can view suggestions for days out. There are also slideshows of visits made by the club in the past.

Engineers Walk Takes you to their website - when you close it you are returned to RPEC.

Photo Albums This takes you to a photo gallery where you can view albums submitted by members - contact webmaster when either he can upload the photos or issue you with a password and instructions enabling you to log on to accomplish the same. At the moment we have an album submitted by Andrew Smith on dismantling the Southmead Hospital Cranes together with albums of past lunches. The photos can be viewed full screen in a slide show. A bit of experimentation with the pictures and symbols should get you there. If this item is approved of, it is the intention to substitute this item with a Photo Album - Index taking you directly to the album you desire to view.

Video IndexThis contains a list of videos transferred from past newsletters and impoved to a higher standard. Again clicking on any will take you to a player.

Search the site The capability to search the available pages with key words.

The Next 6 items are club oriented:-
Club Aims and Constitution Self explanatory

Contacts The club management officials and how to contact them

Join Us - Application Form A Printable form that you can then fill in and post

Other Similar Clubs A list prepared some years ago and not updated unless contact has been made

Sources of Help and Assistance is there to assist in times of sudden death, severe illness or crippling disability,when family and friends can feel overwhelmed. It contains links to organisations that may be able to assist.
However it is also useful to anyone requiring to find a link to another Professional Engineering Institution - current links are provided to all of these.

Sign In A members only section reqiring Username and password