Sources of Financial and Practical Help.

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In times of sudden death, severe illness or crippling disability, family and friends can feel overwhelmed by the burdens of paperwork, organising whatever needs to be done and frequently feel alone and both physically and mentally exhausted. This list is meant to act as a signpost pointing to sources of help and advice, not all of which is easy to find.
For those with problems of income, sickness or physical incapacity due to accident or age, help is available from many sources. Even if one source cannot provide all the help needed - particularly if help is needed in a range of forms - then a package can often be put together using elements from different sources. The list below is not exhaustive by any means but covers a number of different categories of sources. Even if no direct financial help can be given, then advice, moral support and friendship can be offered.

This list also provides contact information for those with specific disabilities or illnesses who have no professional, industrial or Services connexion.

There are also a number of Government sponsored schemes such as Motability that can provide a serviced and adapted vehicle for those eligible for Disability Benefit. Even if not sufficiently handicapped to be eligible for this benefit, a Blue Card can make life much easier (as well as saving a fortune in parking fees) - ask your G.P. or local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) for information. Apart from providing parking benefits, a Blue Card also exempts you from the London congestion charge - provided that you apply for exemption.

Only the names of the relevant organisations are given in this list. The name is however linked to a page on the organisations website that gives all the contact details the organisation is willing to specify. The responsibility for quoting the correct telephone numbers, email and fax addresses lies entirely with the relevant organisation. A regular weekly computer scan to ensure that the linkages are live will be made as will any changes to ensure the that the list is up to date. This would not be possible if we quoted the numbers and addresses themselves in this list.
1. Professional Institutions in the engineering field.
Help from these is dependent upon the individual or their spouse having previously been a member of the Institution. Each Institution has a Benevolent Fund for access to which application should be made via the local representative. Grants may be made in the form of capital sums to pay e.g. for accommodation adaptation or specialised equipment, a regular sum to cover a period of hardship or relatively small sums to cover paper or 'phone bills. Obviously, the smaller and more specialised Institutions are likely to have more limited resources.

Click on any Institution below to go to their main contact page

The Institution of Engineering Technology (IET)
(formerly Institution of Electrical Engineers(IEE)) The Benevolent Fund IET Connect
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
The institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE)
The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)
The Institute of Marine Engineers (IMarE)
The Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA)
The Institution of Highway Engineers (IHE)
The Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE)
The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)
The Institute of Physics (IoP)
The British Computer Society (BCS)
2. Industry Based Associations.
These can be accessed by individuals and their families who have previously worked in these industries.

The Electrical Engineering Industry Benevolent Association (EEIBA)
The Film and Television Industry Benevolent Fund (CTBF)
The Construction Industry Benevolent Fund (CIBF)
  The EEIBA provides help for the needy and distressed who work or have worked in the electrical, electronics and allied industries.
Article I. Veterans-UK
  Described as "a new brand bringing together services to veterans".
This information is extracted from their 4 page A5 leaflet.
A veteran is defined as someone who has served in HM Armed Forces, regular or reserve including National Servicemen. Veterans status also applies to former Polish forces under British command in WWII, and Merchant Mariners who have seen duty in military operations. Help and advice is available to them, their families and dependents. Advice is also available to their friends or professional advisors.
Article II. Armed Forces Associations and Funds.
  These are available to those who have previously served in the Armed Forces, even if only during National Service
Section 2.01
Section 2.02
Section 2.03
Section 2.04
Section 2.05
Section 2.06
Section 2.07
The Royal British Legion (RBL)
The Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families' Association (SSAFA)
The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF)
The Royal Naval Association (RNA)
The Royal Marines Association.
The Royal Air Force Association (RAFA)
The British Limbless Ex-Servicemens' Association (BLESMA) 

Article III. Co-ordinating Bodies.
Section 3.01
Charity Search
"Charity search delivers a free service which helps older people in genuine financial need receive the support that may be available to them fom a variety of charity sources".
Section 3.02
Care Connect
Provides links with appropriate services and charities in N. Somerset.

Article IV. Handicap Specific Associations.
              (there are also local Associations - ask in your CAB )
4.2       Torch Trust
            Produces Christian literature for those with various degrees of sight loss.
            Churches for All Website.
4.5       Elizabeth Finn Care
           Provides help now and for the future to people .......
(There are a number of Associations that concern themselves with rarer conditions or specific problems. The RNID and BTA will put you in contact with the appropriate one)

Article V. Illness Specific Associations.
5.1       Cancer:- Marie Curie - Home nursing care
5.2       Cancer:- Macmillan
5.3       British Heart Foundation (BHF)

Article VI. Adapted or Sheltered Housing.
6.1       St. Monica Trust (Specialise in Dementia/Alzheimers)
6.2       Carr-Gomm

Article VII. General Sevices.
7.1       Age UK
            "Age Concern" and "Help the Aged" are now Age UK
7.2       Bereavement Care
7.3       St Peters Hospice